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  • OCWeb

    Script style, SFW, 6 online.

    ANGST TO YOUR HEART'S DESIRE | read the rules stinky

  • OCVillage

    Script style, SFW, 3 online.

    #Homestuck OC Chatroom #New Rules And Description #NO CANON CHARACTERS!

  • F U C K

    Script style, SFW, 2 online.

    spots r open

  • kidwasps

    Script style, SFW, 1 online.

    Chat for kidswaps, bloodswaps, and speciesswaps. Today's flavor is teen ennui!

  • IntoTheShadowsOOC

    Script style, SFW, 1 online.

    flay your bananas properly with a hunting knife.

  • TheLaboratory

    Script style, SFW, 1 online.

    IT'S BACK | Welcome to the greatest talk show in the universe, Good Afternoon Bitch with your host, ROY and the other people!