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Welcome to MxRP! If you're not sure what to do, please check out our User Guide.

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We've added age restriction to MxRP. Please read this tumblr post for more details.

MSPARP now has a new logo and a new name. Please read this tumblr post for more details.



  • OCWeb

    Script style, SFW, 9 online.

    No Hiveswap Poilers | read the rules

  • With Greater Responsibility OOC

    Script style, SFW, 8 online.

    Super Power OC Chat! | This is the OOC, feel free to chat and shout for a mod's attention.

  • its-another-fansession

    Script style, SFW, 2 online.


  • St Veronicas Academy For Witchcraft OOC ROOM

    Script style, SFW, 2 online.

    Wizards arriving soon! Rp starts on 09/11/17 at 9:00 AM EST. Please Join Us!

  • OCVillage

    Script style, SFW, 2 online.

    Buttersock | Homestuck OC Chat!

  • Lalame

    Script style, SFW, 1 online.

    asshole status: clenched