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Welcome to MSPARP! If you're not sure what to do, please check out our User Guide.

In order to change to the new themes and adjust how they look, you will need to visit your Account Settings.

A visual and text guide, displaying how to work the new settings and how to use the new tools, can be found here.

The Forums are back up. Please see this post from the blog to read more about the situation with the Forums.

MSPARP does not have advertisements on it, so if you are seeing ads on this page, you likely have been infected with adware. Google "remove adware" for solutions on how to remove it.

We are experiencing a problem with our outgoing mail server. If you are having trouble with site registration, you can contact us at the help desk, but be aware that you may not receive e-mails when your tickets are responded to until we fix this problem.

Welcome to the MSPARP Beta! Before signing up, please read this guide and the privacy policy.