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CHAT RESTART! ZOMBIESTUCK! Who's ready for some death-packed zombie killing action???


Hello everyone and welcome to the apocalypse! Currently in this universe, it has been exactly a year since the sudden outbreak of a horrible, contagious disease that has killed off 99% of the world's population and turned the corpses into flesh eating monsters. Food, supplies, safe shelter, and weapons have become hard to find and basically everything is a shithole right now. Right now the setting takes place in a large city known as Skaia. Have fun trying to survive! Mods: John Egbert Reserves: [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cECCKuD0HPTKFUsCd57jytkRFzoEHziUvkwT-dCYgyQ/edit?pli=1#gid=0&vpid=A1]here.[/url]


1. This is humanstuck. However you do have the ability to be one of the zombies, if you'd like. Otherwise. Humanstuck. 2. No goddmodding. 3. Please try to not kill someone off right away unless the person of the character you are trying to kill gives you permission. This tags back to rule 2. 4. No shipbashing/forced shipping. That shit just isn't cool. 5. Keep the OOC to a minimum. 6. This is NSFW not for smut, but also for gore, killing, etc. All that shit. Also if there happens to be smut, [url=https://msparp.com/insert_nsfw_here]go here pls.[/url] 7. No doubles, cisswaps/genderbents, kidswaps, other fandoms, etc. This is exclusively [u]Homestuck canon[/u] characters. 8. Change your name once you have chosen a character you want to play as. (Ex. John Egbert [JOHN]) 9. Get schwifty.